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Whether you have a commercial property or residential property in the GREATER VANCOUVER BC AREA, your door might need a repair every now and then. Residential and commercial doors might have to be fixed for broken frames, locks or we might feel the need to repair a break-in attempt. Having said that, as a door repair company, 24hr Door Repair, also provides comprehensive solutions to sliding patio doors doors and fix doors within the same day you have reached our customer service.

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We are an EMERGENCY door and frame repair service providers that works to ensure that we provide immediately and round the clock 24/7 door break-in repair and restoration services to our customers. We pride ourselves on providing immediate services to our customers and work to ensure that we are always there to assist. Call us today to get your broken doors fixed! We can fix any interior or exterior door within the same day you called us.


Are you locked out of your house and searching for a near mobile door opening service in the greater Vancouver BC area? We at 24hr Door Repair, will get to your location within 20-45min, and open or repair your door lock at affordable rates.

We always do all in our power to assist you and this is why you can count on us to offer you the very best results at all times. As long as you work closely with us and focus on results you will be very impressed with the quality and professionalism we offer.

So, don’t hesitate and hire 24HR Door Repair right now. We are the ultimate DOOR REPAIR SERVICE provider on the market. Harness our experience and great equipment as fast as possible, just get in touch and we will come to you in less than 45 minutes.


Our team is available 24/7 and we will come to you at any given time during the day or night. We will focus a lot on providing you with the ultimate door repair experience in the GREATER VANCOUVER BC AREA. We also focus on services like broken door hinges, locks and burglary prevention among many others.

All you have to do is to hire 24hr Door Repair today and we will come to you in less than 40 minutes. This means you will be able to acquire the very best value and the outcome will be second to none all the time. If you need a team of door experts, all you need to do is to pick 24hr Door Repair, we will gladly assist with any door or lock problems!

Reasons for a Door Frame Repair

There are more then one reasons reasons to need broken door frame repair services. If the frame is too old, it can tear apart. In such cases, the best solution is to change it. Wooden doors can be damaged by a moth that will weaken the door frame first. If you suspect you have moth, have an expert check your door before it is too late. When the door frame weakens, the risk is that it will fall.

The same happens with metal doors and rust. However, rust is more visible and can be easily prevented. Unless it is an unoccupied space, you will notice if your door and door frame is rusted. When the initial signs are neglected, then it can be as dangerous as moths for wooden doors. We can assess the current state of your door of any kind. Read more..

Most Common Glass Door Repair at Home

At home, there is usually a sliding patio door. It can get stuck with time due to regular use and exterior conditions. The most common glass door repair at home is to clean the sliding part of the system. If the damage is severe, some pieces need to be changed. However, most cases are solved just by cleaning the rails and applying grease. Our team of experts can help with any repair you might need at home. Just call us and we will send a qualified technician.

A Locksmith vs. a Specialized Door Company

24hr Door Repair is owned and operated by skilled locksmith & door repair technician, with a vast experience in commercial or residential doors, forames and locks including door closers and high security locks.

In general, a locksmith is an alternative option to fix your door lock issues with commercial or residential doors. For most standard door lock repair, they have the necessary skills and tools to take care of the problem. They can fix any lock and even replace them.

When the issues are not related to the lock only, then a locksmith is not the best choice. It is better if you hire a specialized company that can solve any other issue with your door. If you are not sure if the lock is the only problem, we can help you to assess the real problem and get it solved once and for all.

The problem with hiring a locksmith when the problem is more than just the lock is that they are not skilled, or they don’t have the necessary tools to solve it. Some of them might refuse to do it, while others might want to help by addressing it, but not with the best possible solution since they are not the experts in all door mechanisms, and most likely don't carry and familiar with all kinds of door hardware and spare parts.


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