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Door frames are the most neglected part of a door, yet the most important. Without the door frame, you just cannot close it, not even hang it. Therefore, when there is a problem with the door frame, you need to get broken door frame repair services urgently. That is the only way to restore your doors functionality. Are you trying to find the nearest door frame repair service in the greater Vancouver BC area? Here are some of our mobile repair services:

  • 24/7 Door Break-In Repairs
  • Kicked Door Frame Repair
  • Broken Door Frame Replacement
  • New Door Frame Installation
  • Wood, Steel or Aluminum Frames


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Types of Door Frames

The kind of frame depends on of the door material. Most doors are made of wood or metal. That results in two general type of structures: wooden frame and metal frame.

Both types are repaired differently and require different tools, materials, and even skills. If you are fond of doing it yourself at home, then be prepared depending on the type of doors you have.

Asking for Help on your Broken Door Frame Repairs

When you need to repair a frame at the Greater Vancouver BC, then 24hr Door Repair can assist you with your problem. Make use of our experienced technicians to give service to your door frames. We can help with any door frame repair case you may have, and you do not have to worry about the particulars of your broken frame.

Accidental Door Frame Repair

Door frames can break by accident. Such cases are common when you move things around your home or office, or if you accidentally kick the door frame. Depending on the severity of the hit, the door frame damage can be severe or uncomplicated. For most kicked in door frames, for example, just a bit of filling and painting will solve the problem. The looks of your door are the most affected, and it rarely affects functionality.

Only when the door frame breaks, it can violate the privacy of a room. The worst case is that the door falls, but it will not happen by accident.

Door Frame Repairs for Vandalism and Assaults

When people intentionally break into a home, it is common to need door frame break-in repair. In such cases, depending on the quality of your lock at the entrance, you might need or not correct for your frame.

If you have an excellent lock, then the only way to break in is by breaking the door itself. The frame is at times the weakest part of the entrance system, and it is broken first. It is not uncommon that the door is broken along with the door frame.

For those cases, the worst case scenario is that you would need to change few pieces (or the whole door). It takes expert hands to take care of such problems.
For less damage, even when the door is torn apart, you can still make use of glue. That kind of repair will only work if you have all the pieces. If not, then it is nearly impossible to put together a broken door, and at times, the only way is to hire a door replacement company.

Simply a forced entry can cause damage to the frame, but it is minimum. A bit of painting will solve the problem.  We can help you with any door service you might need in the area of the Greater Vancouver BC area (Locations List Page).


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