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Security is a primary concern everywhere around the world. People are making improvements and investments in their home and office to improve safety. Locks are no exception, and they are evolving.

Even high-security lock repair services need now specialized companies. The first concern is which is the best high-quality door lock. We will give you some advice about how to choose your next commercial grade door lock.


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Security Standard or Commercial Locks

Most people outside the door business will recommend a particular brand. However, that can be a tricky recommendation. Just like with any other product, brands have different product lines and models to address different needs. In that line of thoughts, the best course of action is to look at the particular lock we want to chose and its specification.

When you look at the specification, there is a number that refers to security. It is given by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) that has set some rules to assess security on locks. Grade 1 is the best possible lock according to the standard. It is followed by Grade 2, which is acceptable for commercial use. Finally, Grade 3 is the minimum requirement for residential use.

Who can Help to Choose the best High-Security Lock

If you need help to select a high-security lock, look for a specialized company in the door market. We work in the Greater Vancouver BC and even if you are not nearby, we can at least give you advice.

As part of our services, we also take care of high-security lock repair, which is not common because most locks with Grade 1 require special tools and knowledge.

The Main Component of Grade 1 Locks

The main component of Grade 1 locks is the deadbolt system. Deadbolts can give you the best possible security and their main characteristic is that they have no springs. It makes them safer and more reliable traditional systems.

The mechanism of deadbolts works with one cylinder that can be moved with the right key. Inside the lock, a button is activated, and it drives the cylinder to close the door. That is why you listen to a dry blow when you shut the door with a high-security lock.

Such locks are not recommended for security exits because if they are closed, they will not be opened easily without the right key.

Reasons to Replace a High-Security Lock

High-security lock replacement is not common. They are much more expensive than regular locks, and also more durable. However, if your current lock is broken and there is no solution, it must be replaced.

An upgrade is the second most common reason to replace a high-security lock. As time passes by, new designs are coming to the market, with more reliable systems to keep doors secure. Technology is also taking part of the change, and electronic locks are becoming available. Those advancements are evolving security from the way it was seen in the past. We highly recommend that you install to your door frame kick proof strike plates to reinforce your doors in a way that it cannot be kicked in easily.

Most Common Places to use a High-Security Lock

High-security locks are most commonly seen as locks for businesses. Few homes have such locks, and if they do, they are usually just for the external doors.
Locks for commercial use that require high-security are typically placed as storefront locks. The kind of doors is the most important and the most exposed.

Since a store is a public place, it is o common knowledge what kind of goods you can find inside. That can make it an attractive target for criminal activities.
Other places to locate commercial locks are warehouses used for storage. The concentration of merchandise makes them an attractive place for robberies, and any security enhancements can be crucial to keep the stored goods safe.

Technological Locks

The newest locks with technological devices are a novelty. However, there is still no standard to rate their safety. They offer practical uses in modern life, and even an entry registry. There are ways to violate their security and skilled people in technology can go around their safety.

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