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Same Day Sliding Patio Repairs

How to fix a damaged sliding door depends on the kind of door you have and the sort of damage they have. Replacement of broken sliding glass door tracks, rollers or locks are the most common services we usually provide at 24hr Door Repair. You can try to DIY if you are skilled. If you are not, then, it is best to call for professional door repair service. At 24hr Door Repair, we provide fast same day service, affordable prices and a warranty on all labor and parts. Our main repair and installation services for sliding doors are:

  • Sliding Door Repair
  • Sliding Door Replacement
  • Sliding Door Installation
  • Broken Rollers Replacement
  • Sliding Door Locks / Handles


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The parts of a Sliding Door

Sliding doors have aluminum frames, handle locks, wheels and track. They are put together with rollers, which make the sliding system work. All these are moving parts that can be damaged due to the mechanic work on the door with regular use.

The most used doors are more prone to have problems with the system. Ambiance conditions can also affect the performance of a sliding door. Proper grease and the correct use of the door is essential to keep it working for the longest time.

Who can give you Advice for your Sliding Doors

Call us if you just need advice for your sliding doors. For repairs in the greater Vancouver BC area, we can help too. We are a specialized company in doors, and all sort of sliding doors and damaged roller problems is our area of expertise.

The Most common Sliding Door Repair

External sliding doors are the most vulnerable. They can break under normal use. There are two reasons for a sliding door to break. One is regular use, and the other is time. Patio door rollers repair are the most common issues.

We will explain how to solve the problems in few steps for residential sliding doors. If you don’t have the tools or don’t want to risk it to make the problem bigger, then give us a call, and a specialized technician will come to your place and solve the issues.

How to do a Sliding Door Roller Replacement

If the door for your sliding patio or pocket door is broken, you might easily fix it. All you need is a screwdriver and some basic manual skills and strength to do it right.

To handle your sliding door roller replacement, first find the screws at the bottom of your door. On most doors, you will find a screw sitting above the other. Just turn the screw in the lower part of the door counterclockwise. That should place the door lower and the rollers higher.

Then, take out the door. If the door is too big, it is best to do it with help. Doing it alone can be dangerous, and it is better not to risk your integrity. Once the door is off, you can unscrew the rollers quickly.

Some broken rollers can obstruct the screws, and it may not be as easy. In such cases, it is best to eliminate any broken piece before unscrewing. Be prepared with the set of new rollers for the change.

Place them at the same location and screw again. Then, put back the sliding door. Finally use the adjustment screws to make sure the door goes back to its place.

Additional Measures and other Problems

One common reason for damaged rollers is the lack of cleaning. Excessive dust can cause the rollers to work improperly. If the rollers are not broken or severely worn, then you might not need to change them. Only cleaning the system should be enough to restore it to its full functionality.
If you are not sure if you should change the rollers or just clean it, then it is best to call a specialist. We can help you decide the best course of action to get the best of your sliding door.

Sliding Door Replacement & Installation Services

Another common problem is that the rollers are too dry or the grease has a taffy consistency that is obstructing the system. In such cases, cleaning and applying grease to the rollers is enough. However, if you are not experienced, you can use too much or not enough lubricant or misfit the system while cleaning it. We are your local trusted experts when it comes to sliding door installation or replacement services. We can supply and install sliding patio door, glass doors and patio doors. Contact us today for all sorts of repair or installation services you need in the Greater Vancouver BC area. Visit the full locations page here: Coverage Page


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