Door repair services in Aldergrove, BC

Aldergrove is a beautiful suburb located in the Township of Langley, within the region of British Columbia. This city is located 37 miles towards the east of Vancouver. Aldergrove has a population of 12000 people approximately and is on a growing basis.

The community of Aldergrove is urban in nature and has a great potential for development projects. The increasing number of complexes and houses makes it a healthy environment for different businesses. This is why we are offering our door repair service in Aldergrove and we know exactly what our customer requires. We operate all day all night for the convenience of our very own local residents. Our services:

  • Door break-in repairs
  • 24 hours emergency services
  • Residential door replacement
  • Commercial door installation


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Aldergrove is a city off all the modern luxuries and facilities. The 24 hour emergency service we offer is a great convenience for the residents of Aldergrove. You may have a broken door frame or a lock in the middle of the night and feel clueless about what to do. There is where our service becomes helpful. You could call us on any time of the day and our team of experts will arrive at your location to solve your door or lock related problem. We make sure that we carry all the necessary components for any repair or replacement. This is a great remedy for the increasing door related issues.

Residential Door Repair And Installation Services

Aldergrove is a residential paradise and there are a few commercial complexes as well. It should be noted that most of these doors and locks have been fixed decades ago. Poor traction and low usage would not make the doors function properly. Our experts have the knowledge to work on both interior and exterior doors including the interior frames as well. It is very important to have the proper knowledge on both the different types of doors. We do lock repairs and replacements too. Just call us and let us know your problem, we will arrive at your location with our team and necessary components.

Commercial Door Repair And Replacement

Aldergrove as mentioned earlier has a great potential for growth. We cater for both the business and domestic sectors with the right piece of technical knowledge. It should be noted that most of these commercial properties have aluminum and glass doors and also the steel doors as well. We repair and replace any of these doors upon the request of the client. We also provide repair services on store fronts and entry doors.

Sliding Patio Door Repair

The sliding patio doors are trending door in Aldergrove, apart from the traditional residential doors we see. These sliding doors are built in a different way and it requires special knowledge to fix repair these sliding doors. Most of these sliding doors involve a railing system which tends to wear as the time passes. So service crew will aid you with the railing and roller repairs. Door repair services in Aldergrove got a whole lot better with our fast same day mobile service. Seeing a bunch of happy clients is our only wish and we are certainly working on it.


(604) 697-6622