Door replacement services in Vancouver BC area

Tips to Replace Your Front or Back Door

Are you looking to replace your door? Then, you will need door replacement services among other things you might not be aware of. We will tell you some tips to replace your door. That way, you can get the best results out of your investment.

Hire a Door Replacement Service vs. Do it Yourself

If you are up to replacing your door, the most important inconvenient of doing it yourself is experience. There are many tips and tricks you are not aware of about installing a door. Even uninstalling your old door can be a challenge if you are not skilled enough. You could damage the frame in the process, needing additional repairs.

Our Services:

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  • Residential Door Replacement
  • Commercial Door Replacement
  • Kicked-In Doors, Broken Frames
  • Wood, Steel, Metal or Aluminum
  • Glass Doors, Sliding Patio & Screen


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Where to Find Door Replacement Services in Vancouver BC Area

Tools are another problem. At times, we don’t have all the tools we need at home. Especially those carpentry tools to make adjustments are not typical. Unless you have skills in carpentry with a decent collection of tools, we do not recommend you to do it yourself. It is best to hire door replacement services to do the job professionally and save you further inconveniences.

We are the option to replace your door. Our service coverage includes greater Vancouver BC. We can replace any door for commercial or residential use in a professional manner.

Hiring a Third Party Contractor

To hire a third party contractor is the preferred choice for most people. You can find local services online. Retail stores selling new doors also have third party contractor directories to do the job for you. If you know of somebody who has replaced their door recently, you can also ask for a recommendation. That way you can get a trusted professional to do the job at home.

Use Installation Services from the Retail Store

Usually, retail stores that sell doors have installation services. Most services are front door replacement: residential. These services include the installation of the new door you bought. The downside of those services is that they rarely include uninstallation. If you are replacing your door, then such service may not be included.

Some stores suggest you to hire the same professional to do the job, but it is not until they arrive at your home that you can close a deal with them. Despite most times, the supplier is skilled to do the uninstallation services; they might not take the right tools. Depending on the type of door you bought, the required specialization varies.

If you are replacing an outside door, it is better to secure the installation with the complete service, including the uninstall. For interior doors, there is less risk, and you can leave some things uncertain.

Pick the Manufacturer’s Choice for your Door Installation

When you replace a door, certain brands offer a directory of certified installers. That is the best option when you replace a door for commercial use. Most times they are a certified company, similar to most independent contractors. The difference is that they have been trained in the particular brand of door you just bought. That ensures they know all the details about your new door thoroughly.

The chances are that you will not get any better professional installation of your new door than with the manufacturer’s choice. However, they can be a bit more expensive than other options. In the end, the results are worth the price.

Types of Front Door Replacement

There are two types of front door replacement. You can either change just the door and keep the frame or modify the frame and door at the same time. As you might imagine by now, the first type of door installation is faster than the second. There are fewer risks involved, and it is usually done easily when the new door is fully compatible with your old door. For the second type, removing the frame can damage the surface, and once you are done with it, it might need at least some painting.