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Maintenance and Repair for Steel Doors

Doors are an important element of any commercial or residential building. You must not regret the regular maintenance to keep their functionality and ensure they are fully functional at all times. When they are damaged, a steel door repair can be more costly, not to mention the associated risks and trouble.

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The Potential Inconvenient of a Broken Steel Door Frame

Steel doors are used on outside doors and to keep valuables. That kind of applications is common because they are safer than wood doors. When the door is an entry door, it is keeping people out building. If it breaks, it can severely compromise the building, letting people in. Some exterior doors are also meant to be emergency exits.

If it is broken during an emergency, it can lead to serious consequences, with people trapped inside.
If the door is keeping people out from a place where valuables are kept safe, then security can be compromised. It is important to avoid a steel door repair and schedule regular inspection and maintenance instead. That way you will ensure your valuables are always safe.

Potential problems with Hinges

Having problems with the hinge on steel and aluminum glass doors is common. Untrained eyes do not see them until the door breaks, but there are easy ways to prevent them. With a simple inspection, you can check if the hinges are properly welded to the perimeter of the steel door frame.

Because of the weight, screws can loosen, and when such thing happens, the movement can damage the holes. If you detect it on time, the repair can be as easy as screwing back the loosened bolt.

Hinges also need grease. You should apply it at least once a year by removing each bolt to clean the area and place new oil. This procedure is part of the regular maintenance and serves to ensure screws are properly tightened. Depending on the ambiance conditions, grease could be needed 2 or 3 times a year instead of one. We can repair hinges and help you keep your steel doors perfect all the time.

Visual Inspection of Commercial Steel Doors and Frames

A steel door is subject to rust when they are under very humid ambiances. Mainly the jamb can present the most problem. When rust invades your door, it will start at the steel door frame and eventually extend to the rest of the door. When that happens, repairs are more costly, and if the damage is too deep, it is best to replace the steel door.

Rust problems start from the bottom. That is the most common place where you will find the problem, and it is not always seen in time because it is out of the outright. When performing the inspection, make sure you check every corner of the steel door, and as soon as you detect any wear, schedule maintenance. We are open to doing maintenance services upon request, so do not hesitate to ask for a quote.

Repair Aesthetic Damage on your Steel Door

When a door is meant for commercial use, aesthetics is important. They are also the most broken doors, and a dent or two are common in everyday life. Especially those doors located in high traffic zones and next to loading and unloading areas are at most risk.

To repair dents, you must fill them with and paint the door again. Even for a small dent, you must paint the whole door, because the new paint will look differently from old paint, damaging the aesthetics. Ask our experts and we can give you the best advice for your steel door repair, to make it look as good as new.

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