Hollow metal door repair services

Maintenance and Repair for Metal Doors And Frames

Metal doors are preferred because they are resistant. You might need a metal door repair when the door is damaged for some reason. If you do regular maintenance, you won’t require major repairs or in the worse cases replacement. However, if there is an accident or a violation of the door, then it is a different story. Let’s take a look at all you need to know about maintenance and repair for steel and metal doors.

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Types of Metal Doors

There are many types of metal doors. The most commonly used are doors used for safety purposes, fire doors, front doors and doors for professional use. Each of them is specialized products that are built with particular characteristics to achieve a goal.

Most metal doors are found in commercial applications. Some of them even comply with standards. To fulfill its porpoise, it is important that a specialist does the installation, maintenance, and repair throughout the useful time of the metal door.

Who can Help with Maintenance and Repair for Metal Doors

Depending on the type of door, you would need a different door professional to take care of your metal doors. Some of the doors require a certification to do a proper handling of it. Particularly doors for fire and safety purposes have such restrictions.

If you use a non-trained professional, he can do more harm than good. When the door is not working properly, it can lead to a disaster in case of an emergency.

We have the right, skilled and certified professional working in the greater Vancouver BC area for any hollow metal door. Just ask us, and we will gladly help to keep your doors’ life further.

Common Issues with Metal Doors

The most common issues with metal doors are rust, dent, and holes. If you detect any of these problems, repair your metal door immediately to prevent an extensive damage.

Metal door frame repair is also common. They are usually the weakest part of your entry system, and therefore, they require special care. A hollow metal door frame is not as resistant as the door itself, making it subject to the inclemency of the weather, and accidental hits.

A dent will not damage the door’s functionality, only its looks. However, if you have a metal front door in your house or business, it can be of significance, since it is the facade of your home.

Problems with Locks in Metal Doors

Depending on the type of door, there are different locks in metal doors frames. Most locks are specific systems that should be attended by a professional door contractor. An ordinary locksmith will not be able to solve problems in specialized locks, like emergency exits.

Maladjustment in the metal door frame can cause problems with locks too. A professional door company specialized in doors can solve any problem with locks or the metal door frame. Don’t risk it hiring ordinary workers, and get a specialized service indoors for maintenance and repair for metal doors.

We have skilled and knowledgeable staff eager to help in any trouble you might have with your metal doors. Even for special applications, our professionals can take care of your problem.

Metal Doors Maintenance Periodicity

You can avoid a metal door repair; it is recommended that you schedule maintenance at least every six months. That way you can make the most of your metal door. By doing it, you will ensure your metal doors will maintain as good as new.

If you have an exterior metal door under harsh conditions, then the maintenance should be done more frequently. Intensive use of a metal door will also need more maintenance. In such cases, three months is recommended.

We can help you to schedule your periodic maintenance for metal doors. If you are not sure of the periodicity, we can go through an inspection and make a recommendation.