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Maintenance and Repair for Aluminum Doors

Aluminum doors are one of the most appealing types of doors available. Specially sliding aluminum doors are an excellent choice to combine them with windows. However, with time they can suffer damage and you would need aluminum door repair to make them look as good as new. Functionality can also be affected, particularly of sliding doors. Here are some tips to get the maintenance and repair for your aluminum doors.

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Common Failures on Aluminum Doors

Aluminum is a light material with beautiful looks. Doors made out of aluminum are strong choices for your home. They are mostly used for the home’s patio. Sliding doors are an excellent choice to take advantage of small spaces. Most aluminum doors are combined with glass, giving them the double function of a door and a window. They are perfect to let light pass. The most common failure on aluminum doors at home are stuck sliding doors that do not open properly. They can get stuck because of dirt, improper use or improper installation. Since they are not regularly opened, there are few chances of needing a repair for normal wear.

A typical aluminum door repair at home is done on external doors. When they are heading to a terrace or patio, they are usually exposed to the weather inclemencies. If they are not installed correctly, or when there is a problem, water can leak on every storm. If that happens, it is better to call an expert to get your door right instead.

When you have a door for commercial use, it is a different story. The material can easily dent, particularly when the door is in the middle of the transit of heavy objects. Since they are continuously used, normal wear leads to aluminum door repair periodically.

Our Services for Maintenance and Repair for Aluminum Doors

If you need maintenance and repair for aluminum doors in the greater Vancouver BC area, we are here to help. Ask our professional for our specialized services on all sorts of aluminum doors. We can take care of the frame, glass, lock, and sliding system.

Let our experts take care of your aluminum door repair and maintenance, and enjoy functional doors all the time.

Hinge Problems with Aluminum Doors

Despite aluminum doors are light, hinges are one of the most frequent repairs. Over time, any hinge will require adjustments. Particularly those aluminum doors with high traffic require more maintenance.
Before your door is hung, ask for maintenance to enhance its functionality. If it is hung already, the hinges are the problem. You need an adjustment. When expert hands do it, it will last longer. If anybody does it, it will require a more frequent adjustment. We can repair your hinges, and keep your door fully functional.

Warning when cleaning Aluminum Doors with Glass

Cleaning your aluminum door is essential to keep it working for the longest time. Beware of improper cleaning because the glass can suffer from incorrect methods and substances meant for cleaning. Your aluminum glass door requires that you don’t use solvents, caustic, or chemicals with abrasive components. Metal scrapers and abrasive pads should be avoided too. Improper cleaning can lead to the need of aluminum door repair.

Aluminum Door Frame Common Repairs

Since most aluminum doors are aluminum glass doors, the most common part to repair is the aluminum door frame. On both folding and sliding doors, dents are the most common repair for frames.

Unless it is a severe blow that twists the frame, most problems with the aluminum door frame will not affect functionality, only aesthetics. Aluminum doors in commercial zones are the most exposed to such damage. On that kind of doors, it is also of particular relevance to keep them at their best. Doors at home rarely need such repairs, except when you are moving. During the process of taking furniture in and out, the doors can be damaged.
If you need an aluminum door frame repair, call us, and we can do a professional job for you.


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