Home Door Break-in Repair Project

Kicked in Door Repair After A Break-In. Location: West Vancouver

A residential door has been kicked in by burglars, the door didn't break but the wooden frame has been damaged and we needed to change the broken wood that support the locking mechanism (In this case there is no need to change the entire door and frame as some local door repair companies do)

1. Removing the metal strike plates

Kicked-in door frame repair on residential door

2. Assessing the break-in damage and giving the customer all the options. We always try to avoid replacing the entire exterior door locks or frames, a repair or replacement of a certain part would be cheaper solution and with the right door repairman there is no compromise on the final look result or the strength of the door.

Broken door frame repair

3. Removing the broken portion of the door frame so we can replace it with a new wood. In some kicked-in door door frames, the damage might be much less then is this case, so we might reinforce the broken parts with a new metal plate or long steel screws. When we go with replacing part of the frame option, we supply sturdy high quality, as it supports the locking door knobs or deadbolt latches.

Removing the broken wood frame 

4. The broken wooden door frame before the new wood placement

The cracked and split wood of the door frame

5. The new wood was inserted onto the door frame

New door frame installation

6. Marking the door lock position and the position of the strike plates position on the new wood.

Door lock repair

7. Removing excess wood so the strike plates would blend into the wood and won't rub the door when closing.

Deadbolt and door knob lock installation

8. New solid one peace strike plate and door lock replacement.

New metal strike plate installation

9. Painting the door frame and finishing touches including drilling the holes for the locking mechanism.

Painting the new door frame

10. The final result including the new side casing panel. The customer and we were both happy, we were able to complete the job within 2 hours, and deliver a same day affordable service as we always do. Feel free to call the office (Lora or Erik) with any question you might have.

Final result of the new door frame and locks installed

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