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We Can Fix Your Damaged Rollers, Tracks and Locks

Patio door parts cannot break easily. They are made out of sturdy metal. However, you might need a patio door rollers or tracks repair if by accident you bent them and they are obstructing the way of the sliding door. 24hr Door Repair provides fast same day repair and installation services in the Metro Vancouver BC area. Our services include:

  • Patio Door Repair
  • Patio Door Replacement
  • Patio Door Installation
  • Broken Rollers Replacement
  • Patio Door Handles or Locks


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Types of Repairs for Patio Door Tracks

To fix a damaged Patio door track is not easy. In some cases, the simplest course of action is a replacement. To deform door track is hard, and to restore it to its original state is even harder. Precision is necessary for rails, and only a skilled blacksmith might do it right, depending on the damage. A new rail is not expensive, and it is the best solution, particularly if you are fond of fixing things on your own.

Who can Assess the Damaged Roller of my Patio Door

How do you know if you need a replacement and it is not an easy fix? Use a specialized company focused on the door market. We are an excellent choice in greater Vancouver BC. When you look for a broken door rollers replacement service in the zone, we can help. If you need assistance somewhere else, we can give you advice. Our experienced staff can solve any problem with sliding doors.

Common Problems with Sliding Door Tracks

If your door track is broken, you will see it with your naked eye. The door gets stuck because there is an obstruction. The rail might be either broken, cracked, or bent. In any case, the door will suffer, and it can destabilize the whole system.

If despite the damaged rail, the door still opens and closes, it is forced. If you leave it that way, it will eventually stop working. Don’t wait until you cannot move it anymore and fix the problem. That way you will prevent other parts from bending in the worst case. Other potential issues are to damage the rollers or even the small adjustment screws due to the excessive and unnecessary force.

A collateral damage that will not affect functionality, but the looks of the door is that it will scratch the door. Restoring scratches can be even more expensive than replacing some rails.

How to do a Patio Door Rail Replacement

To start with your patio door rail replacement, first of all, you must get the replacement track. Stores have the right machine to cut it according to your needs. Take note of the exact size of your rail and take it to the warehouse. Then buy a track section and ask them to cut it for you. It is the same tracks as you can find at interior pocket doors on your home or business.

Once you have it at home, it is very easy. Just unmounts the door first to free the rail. Then, unscrew the current rail. Most rails have visible screws, and it is very easy to take them out.

Once you have taken out all broken and damaged pieces, it is time to place the new rail. Mark the points where the screws were in the previous track, and make the holes in the exact locations. That way, you can take advantage of the same holes on the surface and screwing will be easier. Then, present the piece. Make sure you put it in the exact same place so that all other parts of your sliding door fit in perfectly. Screw the new piece back and put the sliding door to its rightful place. You might need to adjust it after you place the door back to let it slide properly.

Potential Issues when you change Broken Patio Door Rollers

If you DIY for your patio door repair, you must be aware there are some potential problems especially if you trying to change broken rollers or tracks. If you don’t get the same track, it will not fit correctly.

More adjustments might need you to change the current position of other elements, or even cut or change parts of it. That requires specialized tools and skills most people don’t have. Other problems include adjustment issues and not a perfect collocation. We provide fast patio door installation and replacement services.

We are fully insured, certified and most important provide fast 24 hour emergency response. Are you trying to find the nearest door repair service? Check out our Mobile Coverage Page


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