Door break-in repair services in Vancouver BC

How to do a Door Repair after Break-In

If your security at home has been compromised, the first thing to do is a door break-in repair. The primary objective is to prevent from a repeated violation to your home’s security. Whenever a burglar got into your home, he already knows how to do it. Doing it again is tempting, particularly if they left something behind. What 24hr Door Repair can do for you:

  • 24/7 Door Break-In Repair
  • Emergency Burglary repair
  • Kicked Door Frame Repair

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Types of Door Repairs after Break-In

Depending on your lock’s security level, your door might have been damaged in different ways. Not all door break-in repairs are equal, and it all depends on the type of harm.

The most common damage is to the lock. Once the lock is broken, the door is not further damaged. However, if the lock was secure enough to stop the burglars, then your door was the weakest part of your entrance and suffered for it. You can have the frame damaged, or the door kicked. Internal damage is also common as means to disassemble the lock. Let’s take a closer look at how to do each door repair after break in.

Damaged Door Locks

When it was just the lock what was damaged to violate your residential door lock, then it was a weak lock. Most likely it was destroyed to let burglars in. The course of action in such cases is to replace it.

While replacing your old and broken lock, make an acquaintance that it has already been violated once. If you pick a similar lock, intruders can break again easily. Choose a stronger high security lock. It will not prevent new attempts to enter your home, but it can discourage assaulters to try to break in because it will be harder. The time it will take intruders to violate a stronger door lock is longer, increasing the chances of them getting caught before they succeed. Ask our experts for your best choice to change your old lock on your residential property or commercial units.

Kicked Wooden or Metal Doors

Surprisingly, one of the most common burglary repairs: kicked door. Mostly for interior doors, just kicking it is a way to force an entrance. A kicked door breaks the wood in such a way it finally opens. It can also damage the lower part of the door.
A kicked door requires carpentry job. We have expert carpenters to take care of it. Your door can be as good as new after we take care of the damage.

A damaged hollow metal door frame can be repaired by replacing and welding only the broken or bent portion of the frame. 24hr Door Repair provides fast emergency door repair services within the greater Vancouver BC area.

Broken Door Frames

The frame on most doors is the weakest part of your door. A broken door frame is a common repair on practically all the previous types of door damage. Even if it is not severely damaged, and if it is still functional, the frame might still need some work. A cracked door frame can be easily repaired with wood glue and filler. When your original frame was too weak, reinforcement is recommended to achieve better results. Only when it is severely broken in multiple pieces, a full change must be made.