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All you need to know about Glass Door Repair Services

Glass doors are one of the most beautiful types of the entrance you will find. They let light pass, and require little maintenance. However, when they break, you need to look for glass door repair services. Depending on the severity of the damage, you may need a different specialist or a company that specializes in aluminum glass doors to fix the problem.

  • Residential Glass Door Repair
  • Commercial Glass Door Repair
  • Aluminum Glass Entry Doors
  • Sliding Glass Doors (Patio)
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Types of Glass Doors

Glass doors are usually made out of an aluminum frame. If not, the fittings are of some sort of metal. For commercial use, glass doors have stainless steel fittings.

Sliding doors are standard too. They are good to save space and take the most of the available area. These sort of doors are the most prone to repairs.
Other types of doors are meant for emergency exits. Particularly exterior doors have this functions. Locks are discrete and depend on the kind of frame.

How to fix a Glass Door

Since glass doors are broad, the best is to hire a single company. In the greater Vancouver BC area, we can take care of all your glass door repair services. We specialize in any door, so you don’t have to worry about what is the composition of your particular door.

We know how to fix any damage to any door either for commercial or residential use. We can take care of interior or exterior doors. Our experienced technicians can solve problems with any part of the systems, the lock included.

Most Common Glass Door Repairs for Entry Doors

Glass entry doors, particularly for commercial use are opened and closed several times a day. That wears the mechanisms to open and close. If it is a folding door, then the hinges suffer. For sliding doors, the rail system is worn and requires constant maintenance. If you don’t give proper support to your glass doors, they will eventually need to be repaired.

Most Common Glass Door Repair for Emergency Exits

Emergency exits need emergency repairs. They must be available all the time. Particular care must be taken with commercial glass door repair for a fire escape since the law requires they are full functionality all the time.

The most common repairs for such doors are rusted hinges. Since they are exposed to the weather and not used extensively, people don’t notice when rust starts. To prevent it from happening, you must do regular checks as part of a maintenance program. We can help you to put together a maintenance program too, not just door repair.

Problems with Locks

Locks are a typical case of aluminum glass door repair. They get stuck easily. When the lock is located in the lowest part of the door, it is subject to dust and dirt. If the area is not cleaned deeply, then dust will accumulate in that zone. That can obstruct the latch hole so that you cannot close the door anymore. In the worse cases, it can get stuck in such a way that you cannot open it.

To prevent it from happening, you must clean the area surrounding the door. If it happens, qualified personnel must disassemble the lock to clean it. Eliminating the accumulated dust is enough to restore the functionality of the door.

24hr Door Repair can help you with any lock repair you need for glass doors. Any lock, anytime anywhere around Metro Vancouver BC area (Service Locations List).


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