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Most Common Repairs for Pocket Doors

Pocked doors can be useful to save space. However, they can be tricky if you don’t install them correctly from the start. Such doors also require regular maintenance and cleaning. If you don’t do it properly, you might eventually need pocket door roller or track repair and another sort of fixes. On this article, we will go through the most common repairs for pocket doors. If you are trying to find the nearest 24/7 door repair company, we are ready to serve you, within the same day you called us. Our services:

  • Pocket Door Repair
  • Pocket Door Off Track
  • Replacement Rollers
  • Pocket Door Locks
  • Adjustments & Maintenance


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Standard Repairs for Pocket Doors

There are two kinds of problems with sliding pocket doors. They can have problems with the sliding system or with the lock.
The first issues can be easily prevented with maintenance and cleaning. The second problems with locks are not as easily avoided, and you must solve them as they come. Since the lock is the problem, addressing such issues can be something that must be resolved fast. Make sure you have a specialized company at a hand to call in case you need it.

Who can you call for Pocket Door Repairs

In the greater Vancouver BC, we are the best door company specialized in all kind of commercial and residential doors. We have a full service even for emergencies, and you can trust we can solve your problem.

If you need advice, we are eager to help too. Contact our customer service department, and they will gladly canalize your inquiry to the right person to give you the best possible solution to your problems.

Most Common Problems with Locks in Pocket Doors

The most common problems with locks in sliding doors are either a broken handle or a broken lock. The handle is not as severe as the lock. If your door was open, then you will not be able to close it and vice versa.

When it is your pocket we are talking about, then it means your home is unprotected. You must do a sliding door lock repair quickly.
When the issue is a broken pocket door handle, and it is part of the lock, you might need a pocket door lock replacement. Most door handles cannot be fixed, unless it is just a loose screw. However, other problems, like a broken piece need a change. Spare parts for handles are not easily found, and a full replacement is the easiest course of action.

Other Issues with Locks in Pocket Doors

Another not so common issue is when the latch’s hole is obstructed. It may seem a lock problem, but it is much simpler than that. That can happen if the frame is bent or if there is excessive dirt in the area. Regular cleaning is necessary to keep your door at its best.

Before you call somebody to fix the problem, look for the latch hole and how it fits on it. If it is obstructed, you can determine if the problem is the structure or dirt. When it is just dirty, just clean it, and your door will be working as good as new.


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