Door repair services in Delta BC

Delta is a district municipality in British Columbia. With a population of 102,655, Delta is home to people of different ethnicities. The communities in Delta BC are very well developed. Therefore, one can witness various homes and commercial properties there. These properties might need a 24/7 door repair or replacement and this is where 24hr Door Repair come in. As a 24 HOUR EMERGENCY door repair company, we work to ensure that we provide affordable door services to our customers right away. Our services:

  • Emergency door repair
  • Door frames & break-in repair
  • Residential door repair
  • Commercial door repair


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24 Hour Services, 7 Days A Week

Looking for a door repair company or service is a common practice amongst people of Delta, British Columbia because where there are homes, there are doors and these doors might need a fix every now and then.

Delta BC is a place that is home to a lot of residential and commercial properties that might need to get fixed time and again. If you are residing in the city and need a 24 hour emergency door repair service, we are just a call away. As a mobile door company, we provide the following services to our customers:

Residential Front Doors

First and foremost, we as a company work to ensure that we provide residential door repairs. If your house has been struggling with a bad door that needs an immediate frame or lock fix, we are willing to help.

24hr Door Repair not only take down old doors and install new ones but we also fix front aluminum doors that are damaged for bad paint or any other damages. Therefore, as a company, we pride ourselves on providing every imaginable same day service that there might be for residential properties. We also provide a fast and affordable sliding door repair services, including patio or pocket door rollers or tracks.

Commercial Steel Doors

Contrarily, we also fix doors for commercial properties. We have seen that there are a lot of commercial properties in Delta BC that might need a door repair every now and then. Commercial properties are home to both big and small doors and this is where we come in.

We fix broken commercial steel doors, damaged metal door frames, replace old entry doors with new ones and work to fix doors for any paint job or other damages. Therefore, if you have a commercial property in Delta that needs a bit of a fix, we are just a call away as we have every solution for your door.


(604) 697-6622